Arbitration at XXIV Old Buildings

Arbitration is a private, consensual dispute resolution mechanism, the cornerstone of which is party autonomy.

Amongst other things, the parties are free to agree on the choice of disputes to be arbitrated; the arbitrators; the place of arbitration and the law applicable to the substance of the dispute.

Arbitrations are either ad hoc or institutional.  In an ad hoc arbitration, the parties agree to arbitration without reference to an institution providing the service of administering the arbitration.  In an institutional arbitration, the parties make their dispute subject to the rules of an institution such as the ICC, LCIA or SCC.

XXIV Old Buildings can provide barristers to act as arbitrators, tribunal secretaries or to give expert evidence where ad hoc or institutional arbitrations are, whether in London or abroad, such as in the other major arbitration centres of Paris, Geneva, New York, Hong Kong, Stockholm, Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpa and Moscow.